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Welcome to the official home of the KDF Alliance Fleet known as the 'Klingon Defense Force Alliance'. 

This website is for all the allied fleets in the KDF Alliance to get together and discuss what's important to us as a group.  Although each individual guild maintains their own websites and rosters, all the members of those individual guilds are welcome to apply for membership in here as well.  To apply you must first set up an ID with Guildportal and add your character to the database.  Then it's just a simple matter of applying for membership to the Blood Guard.  Once approved, you will gain access to the forums, calendar of events and more. 

This is the council chambers.  In here there are no longer and individual groups but instead we become a  Great House.  We shall discuss the game, set up fleet play dates and some STF missions.  Remember this is an overall picture of the state of the Klingon Empire.  Individual House forums / websites should be maintained for needs more consistant to your personal issues.

I will set up forums on here as well for use by each House to use as a personal sounding board and have several general areas for discussion of topics as well.  There will be a High Council forum for the Leaders of the Great Houses to discuss and hammer out issues that do not concern the Warriors of the Empire until the time is right.

So without further fanfare we present....your boq juH (alliance home)!


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Ja'Van, Feb 14, 11 12:52 PM.
Greetings my fellow Klinks,

Few points I'd like to bring up.

1) Next meeting is Sunday April 3rd, 4 P.M. Central Standard Time!
the High Council has decided to change the meeting time so that some members (especially those UK-based) can attend meetings more regularly. We've also decided to forego weekly meetings in place of monthly meetings at the FIRST SUNDAY of every month, starting with this Sunday (March 6th.)

2) Subspace-radio ( will be running a PVP league for any and all to join. The set up is 3v3, so you will need a team of 3 to play. Teams have no restrictions, so you can fly FED and KDF together in a mix and match, be all FED, or all KDF, doesn't matter, just that you need 3 ppl on the team. There hasn't been a date yet, but you can go to and click the Imperial PvP League to sign up. Off the the LEFT SIDE there is a link that says NEW TEAM, click it, sign up tell your friends, form your team and let's win it for the Empire! The League does 10 weeks of competition and then does a playoff series (single game elimination) Let's get some teams together and win it for the KDFA!

3) Even if you can't find/put together a team, you can register on the page as a 'Free Agent.' I'm listed up there at the moment, I wrote up a description of what I do/can bring to the table/team. So even for those unable to form/join a team, there are options for you too!


Draconianknight1, Dec 22, 10 8:50 PM.
I have added two Alliance events to the calendar. Check it out and hope to see you there. Also since I am on west coast time, all times are in PST. If you have any questions contact me via game mail.

*Times listed on the calendar do transfer into your OWN timezone, so whatever time it says on there for you, is in YOUR TIME*
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